Monika Geier – Alles so hell da vorn

Monika Geier – Alles so hell da vorn

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In a Frankfurt suburban brothel, a young whore receives a suitor, one of her regular customers. There is nothing to indicate that this encounter will be any different from the previous ones. They go to the room. Get to the point. Then she grabs his gun, shoots him down and makes her escape. Picks up another pimp, grabs his smartphone, takes his car and drives off. She knows exactly where she’s going.

Inspector Bettina Boll is called out of bed at the crack of dawn: A colleague is dead, they say. Shot. In a Frankfurt brothel.

Monika Geier, master of eccentric characters, takes a grim material with her own sardonic cheerfulness – rousing, rocking, straight from real life.

“Alles so hell da vorn” is the latest volume in the crime series around detective commissioner Bettina Boll.