About us

Foto: Ole Graf

Sibylle Seidel

After my law studies I worked for five years for SPIEGEL Verlag and almost four years at Rowohlt Medienagentur. In 2001 I founded my agency for screenwriters and film rights. Working as an agent is a very personal business and therefore I am glad that I have been representing almost all my authors and the represented publishing houses for many years. As a lawyer I like to negotiate contracts, but the wide range of activities for my authors are what make this profession so satisfying to me. For one author you have to acquire jobs, for another you have to moderate a difficult situation with a producer, for the next you have to evaluate the chances of success of different offers or simply enjoy a successful project together.

Foto: Dominik Nowak

Kerrin Heese

Born 1990 in Kiel. After studying communications in Cologne and Saarbrücken and stays abroad in Spain, Colombia and France, I now organise the back office and financial management in the media agency. I am also responsible for the correspondence with authors, producers and publishers. The relaunch and maintenance of our website is also part of my responsibilities.