Fatma Aydemir – Ellbogen

Between Germany and Turkey – a young woman in search of a home. A warm and wild debut novel by Fatma Aydemir

She is seventeen. She was born in Berlin. Her name is Hazal Akgündüz. Actually, she could become an ordinary adult. Except that her parents, who immigrated from Turkey, feel foreign in Germany. And that Hazal is making fatal errors in her search for a home. First, it’s just a stolen lipstick. Then blunt force. When the police are after her, Hazal flees to Istanbul, where she has never been before. Warm and wild, Fatma Aydemir tells of the many people who live between cultures and nations and their search for a place in the world. One wants to help Hazal, one wants to run through the night with her, one wants to know how things are going with her and with all of us.