Julya Rabinowich – Dazwischen ich

A refugee girl between tradition and new beginnings, between family and new friendships – Julya Rabinowich’s moving debut in a book for young people.
The fate of 15-year-old Madina is shared by many refugee children: they all build bridges between their families and the new life in the western world. After an arduous escape from the war in her home country, Madina has finally arrived in a country that promises security. But not everyone in her family finds it easy to gain a foothold. And so it is up to Madina to be a mediator between her family in the refugee home and the unknown life outside. She takes the fate of her family into her own hands and finds in Laura a friend who means home in a foreign country to her. A moving story about friendship, migration and growing up in times of war and persecution – authentically told.