Ronen Steinke – Der Muslim und die Jüdin

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To date, the Israeli Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem has honored more than 25,000 courageous men and women who saved Jews during the Second World War. This history is nevertheless unique. Among the “Righteous Among the Nations” there is only one Arab: Mohammed Helmy. He lived in Berlin. He remained in the city throughout the war. The Egyptian was constantly balancing on a fine line between adaptation and subversion, and he performed a veritable coup de main to outwit the Nazis. Thus he saved the Jewish woman Anna Boros.

This book sheds light on an almost forgotten world, the old Arabic Berlin of the Weimar period, which was educated, progressive and in large parts anything but hostile to Jews. Some Arabs in Germany placed themselves in the service of the Nazi regime. But a not insignificant group – and this is the story of this group – formed part of the German resistance to Nazi terror.