Abbas Khider – Ohrfeige

With an unmistakable voice, Abbas Khider questions the self-conception of an open society: powerful-voiced, deeply sad and full of humour.

A refugee enters the aliens’ registration office in order to visit his or her responsible officer one last time. He is angry and has only one wish: that someone finally listens to him. When Karim jumps from the back of a van into the open air three years earlier, he believes he is in France. Up to there he has paid for his escape from Iraq. In truth, he landed in the middle of the Bavarian province. – He fights his way through forms and asylum shelters until he suddenly receives his revocation and is to be deported. Now he is back at the beginning again. This novel, as profound as it is warm-hearted, raises one of the central questions of our present: What does it mean for a person to be allowed to live neither at home nor abroad?