Mario Giordano – Tante Poldi

A very special aunt with an even more special approach to life

Pfiati Munich, ciao Sicily! – That’s what it says for Aunt Poldi on her 60th birthday. She’s had enough of life, she wants to go to the sea to die in peace. But in Sicily there is not only sea and good food, but also the family of her late husband Peppe. A combination of the joy of life that makes her dying not so easy. And then there is always something in between. Here a missing gardener, there a corpse in the vineyard or a very lively and attractive detective. Sicily is complicated. You can’t even die just like that.

The heart of the series is of course Poldi. She is stubborn and Bavarian, old and generous and always has the right nose when something is rotten. She is devoted to the good things in life – good food, good drinks (especially those, at any time of day or night). La dolce vita. Even at a mature age and with the odd pound or two more on her body, she is an imposing figure, a sweeper who attracts men’s attention and awakens fantasies. Her trademark, the huge black wig, she wears in the most different hairstyles. Not even the family knows what is hidden underneath. And that is not the only secret that the Poldi carries with her…