Greiner/Padtberg: Verschieben Sie die Deutscharbeit – mein Sohn hat Geburtstag

From helicopter parents and premium kids

From spelt compulsion to note-suit: Helicopter parents circle over their children and even fly after them all the way to university. They are anxious, ambitious – and above all annoying. In this book, Lena Greiner and Carola Padtberg talk about how they make life hell for their children and the rest of the world. An amusing real-life satire about how children are monitored by their parents from infancy to adulthood: a relentless frontal account of family life. Parents, children, midwives, educators, teachers, professors and student advisors have sent their best episodes to the editorial staff of SPIEGEL ONLINE and tell what they have experienced with over-motivated parents.

Fancy, grotesque – and unfortunately true.