TV movie, 2019
Based on the novel “Herznovelle” by Julya Rabinowich, published 2011 by Paul Zsolnay Verlag

Written and directed by:
Elizabeth Sharang

Tommy Pridnig
Peter Wirthensohn


„Herznovelle“ is a touching novel by Julya Rabinowich, which served as template for this film. In the movie a woman has to get used to a life without sickness, which appears anything but easy to her. For 20 years protagonist Caroline had suffered from heart disease, until she is cured by surgery. But it’s not like everybody was happy now. Caroline feels like her new life is too much for her and also her marriage is put to a test by the new situation.

Elisabeth Scharang has made a beautiful and sensitive movie out of the book, which covers all the insecurities of the protagonist and the people in her environment. A movie that makes you think and marvel about the mysterious ways life goes.

Trailer (German):