Dirk Pope – Abgefahren

A road trip without a driver’s license, but with a dead body in his luggage. A crazy road movie – exciting and bizarre!
Viorel is fat and listless. When his mother sits dead at the kitchen table one day, he is numb with grief. Didn’t she want to be buried in her home on the Black Sea? How could he do that without money, a death certificate or a coffin? Viorel is forced to wrap the dead mother in a sleeping bag and takes over the transport to the east himself. A hitchhiker tells him about the vampire myths of Transylvania, shortly afterwards the man dies in a tragic accident. With now two corpses in his luggage, Viorel travels on towards Romania. He wants to bury his mother. And he will do it! A journey to the “Wild East of Europe” and a road movie full of bizarreities.