Verena Lugert – Die Irren mit dem Messer

Verena Lugert – Die Irren mit dem Messer

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The memoir of a woman who lives her dream: a 39-year-old journalist quits her job and trains as a top chef in London, a hotspot of the cooking scene.

Make a new start in the middle of life, start all over again and finally do what you have always dreamed of: Verena Lugert did exactly that when she was in her late thirties, when she retrained as a top chef and learned to cook in London – in her much-praised auto-biographical non-fiction memoir she tells of her encouraging experiences in an unembellished way.

Verena Lugert was a successful journalist and jetted around the world for her reports. But she still had a dream: she wanted to cook and be a chef – but only in a star-studded haute cuisine kitchen. So she quit her job at 39, moved to London and learned to cook there.

Her first engagement brought her to a restaurant of top-class gastronomy, more precisely to the kitchen of star chef Gordon Ramsay – it was a job in the devil’s kitchen: to work 16 hours a day to achieve top performance, to cut pig’s heads and scrub hot stoves for hours and to be the only woman among young men to bow to a merciless pecking order. Painfully, she had to learn that this is everyday life in a star kitchen.