TV movie in the ORF series Stadtkomödie, 2018

After the novel of the same name by Daniel Glattauer

Stefan Hafner
Thomas Weingartner

Daniel Prochaska

Thomas Hroch
Gerald Podgornig


Journalist Gerold Plassek works unmotivated at a regional newspaper, has a minor alcohol problem and is generally not very satisfied with his life. That he is only able to express through his cynicism, which is constantly exposed and carefully cultivated. But when an old acquaintance asks him to look after her 14-year-old son Manuel while she is on business abroad, the tables turn. The relationship with the boy goes deeper than initially thought, and eventually even Manuel’s teacher Rebecca plays a role. Plassek also breaks new ground professionally, after first his newspaper, and then he as a private person, receives money from an anonymous donor to do good …