Feature film, 2019
After the novel of the same name by Daniel Glattauer, Deuticke Verlag, 2006

Vanessa Jopp

Jane Ainscough

Janine Jackowski
Jonas Dornbach

The space between the lines

When the novel „Gut gegen Nordwind“ by Daniel Glattauer was published at the Deuticke Editorial in 2006, the response was overwhelming. Until the beginning of 2010 almost 800.000 samples were sold, and the love story of Emmi and Leo moved the hearts of thousands.

Because of a typing error Leo receives an E-mail from Emmi by mistake. His first reaction is very irritated and includes a snappy response. But then he gets impressed by Emmi’s quick-wittedness and replies with interest. From that swap of blows emerges an E-mail correspondence that is getting more and more intense and in which the two of them develop romantic feelings. But circumstances could be more favorable in order for a nascent relationship to grow …

Script writer Jane Ainscough as well as director Vanessa Jopp did a great job in order to meet the expectations of the novel’s fans. The Komplizen Film production starred Nora Tschirner and Alexander Fehling in the main parts and attracted a lot of people towards the movie theatres.

Trailer (German):