TV-miniseries, three episodes, 2016

Production company:
Nico Hofmann, Benjamin Benedict

Directed by:
Sven Bohse

Book and idea:
Annette Hess

Film poster:
Tobias Schult

Nominations for the Grimme Prize and the German Television Prize. German Television Award for Annette Hess for the best book

Ku’damm 56

The miniseries consists of three episodes, each of them 90 minutes long, and is set in Berlin in the 1950s. Annette Hess has written the script and makes the three sisters Monika, Helga and Eva Schöllack fight for self-determination and independence.

The series is set on Berliner Kurfürstendamm, in the dancing school Schöllack, run by Caterina Schöllack, the strict mother of the sisters. Her big goal is for her daughters to marry advantageously. Helga and Eva rather agree on this plan, but Monika is pursuing a different goal: she wants to be a dancer. Her sisters meanwhile do find well-off husbands, but if their relationship contributes to personal happiness may be doubted. In the end each of the sisters embarks on a journey to her true destination.

Trailer (German):