Feature film 2007, German-Israeli co-production

After the novel of the same name by Zeruya Shalev, Berlin Verlag, 2001

Director: Maria Schrader

Screenplay: Maria Schrader, Laila Stieler

Production: Stefan Arndt, Andro Steinborn


2008: Bavarian Film Award in the categories Best Picture Design and Best Film Music

2008: German Film Award in the category Best Camera / Picture Design

Love Life

Love Life was shot in Israel in 2007. The German/Israeli film is based on the novel by Zeruya Shalev and was directed by Maria Schrader. It has won several prizes, among them two Bavarian Film Awards and the German Film Award.

In Love Life young lecturer Ya’ara has actually everything one could want in life. A good job at the university, a nice (though boring) husband and a beautiful apartment. But then, eccentric stranger Arie, who had lived in Paris for a long time, steps into her life. He comes as a visitor for her father’s birthday, and she falls for him head over heels. The two are starting an affair, but whereas for Ya’ara the passionate moments they spend together become more and more important, for Arie it seems to be just a game. And also Ya’aras parents are behaving strangely. Nevertheless, at the end the protagonists seem to gain clarity, although it’s hard …

Trailer (German):